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Call for Submissions – PHPC Continuing Professional Development Symposium 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal, Quebec

Join us in sharing lessons from your professional experiences and reflect on how your work or public health outcomes were impacted by how public health is organized in your area.

How does the public health ‘system’ in your area Enable or Impede Your Work?

What can we learn by comparing Public Health jurisdictional differences?

What changes should we advocate for and which should we fight against?

Join us in sharing lessons from your professional experiences and reflect on how your work or public health outcomes were impacted by how public health is organized in your area.

The structure, organization and enabling legislation of public health differs dramatically between (and within) jurisdictions in Canada. How does this impact public health outcomes? How does this impact your role and your work? How might things have been different in another jurisdiction? How can we learn from each other to advocate for a more optimal structure?  Is this even possible? This M&M Rounds format will provide a forum for Public Health Physicians and residents explore challenging cases and the public health systems they arise in.

Presenters will be eligible to receive a discounted rate of $400 (REGULAR RATE = $950) for Public Health 2018.

Public Health Physicians of Canada invites you to submit an Abstracts for the Continuing Professional Development Symposium being planned for May 28, 2018 to be held at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Quebec.  The symposium will be structured as M & M Rounds and will focus on professional practice experiences of our members where the outcomes relate specifically to the jurisdictional health system they are operating in. 

If you have faced a complex public health crisis or question that has had an adverse outcome or an excellent outcome related to how public health is structured in your jurisdiction, please consider sharing your experience and lessons learned. It is also an opportunity to leverage the collective knowledge of our peers to work through solutions to these challenges.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2017.  

If you would like to submit an abstract, please complete the abstract form and submit it no later than November 30, 2017.  If you prefer, you can initially email to indicate your interest in presenting, along with the topic/title of your talk.

Click here  to submit your abstract.


The goal of this PHPC Public Health M&M rounds is to discuss specific public health practice scenarios and cases where the structure and organization of public health, and its relationship with health care (or other government structures or agencies) significantly impacted the outcome - for better or worse.  These cases should provide lessons learned related to the public health issue, the decisions made, and the systems context of those decisions, with a view to better understanding how public health systems affect public heath practice.

This CPD activity will occur in conjunction with the release of a resident-created compendium of descriptions of public health systems across Canada.

We invite you to give either a 10 or 20 minute presentation based on the complexity of your topic, followed by a 10 minute group discussion.  We encourage you to consider submitting as a group with public health physicians (PHP) from other jurisdictions.  Additional time will be available for group presentations. If you would like to be matched to a PHP in another jurisdiction who may have faced a similar issue, please email us.

Please note: The time will be dependent on the number of submissions received.

The abstract submission will include the following information on your Case Selection

  1. Context: What is the overall context of the public health issue or question at hand?
  2. Public Health System Context: Briefly describe the  organization of public health in your jurisdiction and the role of the public health physician.
  3. Problem identification: What is the core problem or issue?
  4. Exacerbating Factors: What other factors that complicated the situation?
  5. Actions: What actions were taken
  6. System Issue: How did the current public health or health care system in your jurisdiction impact the situation?  Would the outcome differ if the same scenario happened in another jurisdiction?
  7. Analysis: What went wrong/what went right.
  8. Lessons learned: What lessons can be applied in the future in the same context, what lessons can be applied to all contexts
  9. M&M Bottom Line: Please include a one-sentence, bottom line.


Click here  to submit your abstract.

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