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Council Members 2024


Dr. Jasmine Pawa

Dr. Pawa is a public health and preventive medicine specialist and family physician based in Toronto.  She works as a public health physician consultant to a range of organizations at local, provincial/territorial, and federal levels. In addition, she provides medical officer of health locum services as Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health for Nunavut. Her teaching commitments include co-leading the Public Health Theme for undergraduate medical education at the University of Toronto and leading the public health module of the Global Health Education Initiative.

She completed her undergraduate studies (biological sciences and history) and medical school at the University of Alberta before moving to Toronto for the public health residency. She has a master’s degree in health policy obtained in the UK jointly from LSHTM and LSE. Her professional focus is on health policy and health systems - including  the intersection of public health and health care.


Dr. Isabelle Samson



PHPC members interested in the Secretary role are invited to contact Kaitlyn Shannon at 

Members at Large

Dr. Maulik Baxi (PHPC Co-Chair)
Dr. Catherine Elliott
Dr. Emily Groot
Dr. Moliehi Khaketla
Dr. Julie Kryzanowski

Resident Representatives

Dr. Angela Silveria
Dr. Yipeng Ge

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Jasmine Hasselback, American College of Preventive Medicine
Dr. David Kaiser, Association des Spécialistes en Médecine Préventive du Québec
Dr. Kathryn Koliaska, Specialty Committee for Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Dr. Barry Pakes (PHPC CPD Co-Chair)

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