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PHPC Annual Awards

PHPC President's Award

PHPC established its President's Award to recognize PHPC members who have made an outstanding contribution to the society. To be eligible an individual must be nominated and fulfill the following criteria:
  • Be a member of the Society in good standing
  • Demonstrate a significant contribution to the PHPC
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence in their role as a public health and preventive medicine specialist or resident
  • Regularly and consistently demonstrate outstanding service
  • Has performed actions of significant merit that are over and above their normal duties
  • Overall, there must be a strong indication that the candidate has contributed to furthering PHPC’s mission of “establishing and promoting Canadian Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialists as recognized and respected leaders in health protection and promotion, and disease and injury prevention”.

The Selection Committee for the awards will normally be drawn from members of the Council, and other members at large. Appointments to the Selection Committee will be made by the President at least four weeks prior to the nomination deadline each year. The Selection Committee will review nominations and select an individual for the award. The President's Award will be presented during the PHPC Annual Events.

Past Recipients

2019 - Dr. Jane Buxton, Dr. Cordell Neudorf

2018 - Dr. Ak'ingabe Guyon, Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed

2017 - Dr. David Jones

2016 - Dr. Eilish Cleary, Dr. James Talbot

2015 - Dr. Perry Kendall, Dr. Catherine McCourt, Dr. Richard Schabas 

2014 - Dr. Clyde Hertzman (posthumous) 

2013 -Dr. Farhan Asrar

2012 - Dr. Fran Scott

2011 - Dr. Greg Taylor 

2010 - Dr. Paul Hasselback

2009 - Dr. Vivek Goel, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Dr. Michael Rachlis

2008 - Dr. Isra Levy

2007 - Dr. Bart Harvey, Dr. Ingrid Tyler

Resident Leader Award

The Public Health Physicians of Canada (PHPC) will assist PHPC resident-leaders to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and associated continuing and professional development (CPD) events by awarding a variable number of support grants annually as finances allow. Grants will be for the purpose of reimbursing travel, accommodation and registration expenses associated with the AGM and CPD events. Note that grants to support attendance at the CPHA conference are made available to all Public Health and Preventive Medicine residents in Canada in a separate process through an annual competition. The eligibility and criteria for the resident-leader grant are detailed below.


  • The resident representative to the PHPC Council
  • Residents serving on PHPC committees (eg. CPD and External Communication and Advocacy)
  • Resident representatives to the resident group that advises the PHPC resident representative are not eligible in the category of “resident-leader” unless also serving on a PHPC committee.


  • The resident representative to the PHPC Council will automatically be considered for the award.
  • The Chairs of PHPC Committees will identify residents serving on their committees whom they wish to receive the grant, with consideration of the length of time served on the committee (with preference to residents who have served longer than 6 months) and the extent of each resident’s contribution. If a Committee Chair names more than one resident as eligible to receive the award, the Chair should indicate a ranked preference.
  • Depending on available finances, the PHPC Council will decide how many grants are available. The Council and Committee Chairs will then determine to which residents this grant will be awarded.

Past Recipients

2019 - Dr. Emily Manthorp

2018 - Dr. Yassen Tcholakov

2017 - Dr. Jia Hu

2016 - Dr. Thomas Piggott

2015 - Dr. Reem Zayed

2014- Dr. Andrew Gray

2013 - Dr. Gayane Hovhannisyan

2012 - Dr. Nikhil Rajaram

2010 - Dr. Nikhil Rajaram

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