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Resident Council

Resident Council is a semi-independent working group of PHPC Resident members which exists primarily to facilitate collaboration between residents on projects of national interest. The co-chairs also represent the resident voice on General Council. Resident council in no way represents the official position of PHPC as an organization.

Council Members


Angela Silveira
University of Saskatchewan

Yipeng Ge 
University of Ottawa

The Resident Council has up to 2 resident physician representatives from each Public Health and Preventive Medicine program.

Representatives to other PHPC committees and other organizations

  • Public Health Physicians of Canada  Council
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) committee
  • American College of Preventive Medicine - Public Health Physicians of Canada Joint Cooridinating Committee

Organizational Structure

Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission

To foster cohesiveness and leadership among public health and preventive medicine residents across the country in order to promote and organize shared learning, relationship building, and advocacy opportunities.

Value Statements

Collaboration - We value strong collaboration among our representatives in order to best address and promote the educational and training needs of their home program's residents. We value the sharing of resources and opportunities among all learners in this field. We value working together across geographic areas and languages across the nation.

Sustainability - We value promoting a council that builds on the work of members before it, with clear goals and documented past work that can be sustained even when leadership or membership in the council is transferred.

Education - We value sharing and disseminating current public health topics, especially as it relates to advocacy in the field, in addition to promoting knowledge of the field among medical colleagues in other disciplines.

Inclusiveness - all residents who want to contribute to the work of PHPC Resident Council are welcome.

Our Vision

“Canadian Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residents collaborating on shared priorities, learning together, and building collegiality on the road to practice as specialist physicians together.”

Program Comparison

PHPC Resident Council maintains a document comparing information on the fourteen PH&PM programs in Canada. It provides fairly detailed information on what the programs involve and the various resources they make available to residents. (Last updated: June 2015)

For official information, including application procedures, see the CaRMS web site.

Disclaimer: Resident Council maintain this document as a volunteer service to our members and whoever else may be interested. We cannot guarantee that it is accurate.

PHPM PowerPoint Presentation

The resident council has put together a series of professionally designed, bilingual slide decks to assist with presentations about what PHPM is.

45 - 60 Complete Presentation. (PDF)

30 minutes program specific presentation template (without public health background).

10 Minute Highlights Presentation.

Version Français PPT (PDF).

Hot Topics Google Drive

The resident council has put together a Google Drive space that catalogues source documents on topics that may be relevant for exam study purposes.  This drive is open to be updated by anyone with any articles of interest.  Please keep in mind that when posting to this drive that we would prefer no posting of any materials that are sensitive and/or considered confidential, particularly any old exams or study materials that are not meant to be shared widely.

The drive can be accessed at this link: Hot Topics Drive

Details of the NCCPH-PHPC resident webinar series have been moved to a separate page.

Internal Resources

Annual resident reports: 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

Resident Council Terms of Reference (updated Sept 2012)

PHPC resident survey results (February 2013)

Google Drive public resident document folder ( this publicly-accessible resource collection, maintained by Resident Council, includes materials for promoting PH&PM to medical students, and career planning resource

Exam preparation e-mail discussion list: Any resident writing the exam in the coming year is encouraged to share resources and collaborate on exam preparation.

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